Perfect kitchens

Kitchen Tiling

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so choosing the right tiles to complement your kitchen and personal style is essential in bringing the whole feel of your home together.

Our team can assist you with choosing the right tile and design for your kitchen, and will ensure the finished product looks amazing.

Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen splashback provides you with an opportunity to really let your taste and vision come to life. There are so many different options available from subway tile to mosaics, and whilst the main purpose for the splashback is to protect the walls from any splashes when cooking, it doesn’t mean it has to be bland. This is where you can let your inner interior designer run wild.

Commercial Kitchens

The experts at Tritan Tiling can also assist with renovations, installations or repairs for commercial kitchens. We know that your kitchen is a high traffic area and the choice of tile must not only be visually appealing, but also hard wearing and able to stand up to the elements in a busy kitchen. Our team will ensure your kitchen can take the heat thrown at it whilst still having a designer appeal.

Ultra Modern Kitchens

Today, more than ever before, our kitchens have become a place for the family to gather and catch up on the days events. Whether you want your modern kitchen to have an open and airy feel, with the use of larger tiles, or if you would like a more cosy, warm feeling with smaller patterned tiles, our team can find the right fit for you, and for your home.

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